My First Blog



My name is Gareth Edwards.  Welcome to my blog.


a.k.a. “Gaz”

a.k.a. “The Wolf”, because I’m a fixer.  I solve problems.

That might sound cocky, but I’m a straight shooter, and I wouldn’t lay claim if I didn’t have the results to back myself.

I’ve worn some hats over the years – software engineer, marketer, director at, chief technical officer, consultant, deerstalker.

Right now, I’ve decided it’s time to work for myself. Got a lot of ideas I always wanted to execute, and to have some adventures. And write a fucking blog.  I’m kind of like Bilbo, only taller.

I’m a consultant to the gaming, gambling, music and sport industries, investor, CEO, agent and entrepreneur.  For those that don’t know, entrepreneur is French, for entrepreneur. Will be talking about a few cool projects I am doing here.

So before we get started, you should know more about me:

I currently live in London.

I am an online gambling/gaming industry veteran.

I like good food, fine wine and any other pair of words with interchangeable first letters.

I love Smurfs. They are Smurfy. And everyone needs some Smurfiness in their lives.

I think lasagne is like cake made from spaghetti.

I love travel.  I hate travel.  Depends on the day.  And depends on whether I’m in 1A. But truth be told I am travelling at least 3 weeks a month, and I don’t really know why.

I wish I’d jumped on bitcoins when I had the chance.

I hate raindrops on roses, but whiskers on kittens are a must.

I hate fucking Merlot.

Every single day, I get the last song I hear, stuck in my head.  This is rarely a good thing.

I’m kind of big “Down Under”.

I’m not the Welsh Rugby legend.  Although I used to think I was.

I’m a TV series bingewatcher.

I like the smell of napalm in the morning.  No wait, I love it.

I hate bad beat stories.  My worst bad beat story was the time I got stuck listening to a bad beat story.

I played chess and rugby at school.  A schoolyard paradox, I was a jocknerd.

I hate green eggs and ham.  Seuss, you haven’t heard of salmonella?  And you call yourself a Doctor…

I’m an early adopter, and am always on the lookout for the next big thing.  If you think you know what that is, we should talk.

I hope my blog will be as interesting as I am fucking hoping. If there is suddenly a redirect from this domain to youporn, you know why.


9 thoughts on “My First Blog

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  9. Clinton Gallivan

    Hey Gareth,

    My associates and I ran into you and Jim in Irvine after you were leaving Silk Software/ChasePay. Im just trying to get ahold of you and would love to connect with you. I have some great ideas that I would love to share with you. My mobile phone # is (949)-842-7141 and my office # is (949)-930-2466. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Clint Gallivan


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